Confirming your booking


Thank you for your interest in the Bounce Back for Business E-vent, for completing the Application Form and for making your payment.

We will confirm your booking by email and will then ask you to email a copy of your current logo, contact details and up to 120 words about your business. We will use the details in the Membership Directory for the Stowmarket Chamber Members participating so please check that your Membership Directory listing is up-to-date.

Time is tight if you want to be included in the Bounce Back for Business insert in the April Stowmarket edition of InTouch magazine. We need your information by 28 February as the magazine needs time to prepare the layout.

We will use the same information for your listing on the website.

Please note that in the interests of the e-vent balance, we reserve the right to turn down a booking. Should this happen your fee will be refunded in full.