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FWD Accounts
ISSBA - Photography Sponsor
Spi-des-ign Web & Graphic Solutions Ltd
MPM Computer Consultancy

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FWD Accounts

FWD Accounts

FWD Accounts is a firm of accountants, based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk who concentrate on giving your business the time and effort it deserves. 

Blending traditional values with a modern approach, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide your business with personal, forward-looking advice, based on your unique requirements.

At FWD Accounts, our aim is to help you focus on important business decisions, by simplifying compliance and proactively interacting with you on day-to-day finance matters.


T:01284 245013  E: jnf@fwdaccounts.co.uk W: www.fwdaccounts.co.uk

Silver Sponsors

Ipswich & Suffolk Small Business Association

ISSBA - Photography Sponsors

Ipswich & Suffolk Small Business Association (ISSBA) was set up as a not-for-profit organisation in the1980s as a way of providing peer-to-peer support for small business owners. Starting and running a business can be a lonely place so connecting with other business owners is an invaluable way to share ideas/experiences and offer mutual support.

ISSBA still maintains the same ethos to this day as our volunteer committee, made up of local business people, focuses on providing valuable support, events and useful information to members backed up by their own understanding of the ups and downs of the business world.

We run monthly networking events where you will always be guaranteed a friendly and warm welcome. ISSBA also runs the annual Anglia Business Exhibition which will next take place on 8th May 2024 at Trinity Park, Ipswich. Businesses from across the region will come together for a fantastic day of networking, connections and generating business.

T: 07810 370141    E: mail@issba.co.uk W: www.issba.co.uk


Stowmarket Town Council

Stowmarket Town Council - Event Sponsors

Stowmarket Town Council is a “Quality Gold” accredited organisation which puts it in the top 1% of local councils nationally. It operates a wide range of community facilities such as the Regal and Stowmarket Community Centre which all have high customer satisfaction ratings.

The Town Council is well-known for its programme of civic and community events such as the Stowmarket Food & Drink Festival, Stowmarket Christmas Fayre, “Go Green Go Wild” environmental showcase event, Stowfiesta music festival and the Stowmarket Town Awards. In 2023/24 it will be awarding over £100,000 in grants to community organisations.

The Town Council comprises 16 Town Councillors who provide their services to the local community without payment, and 50 full-time and part-time members of staff. The Town Council seeks to influence decisions on local development in getting the best possible outcomes for Stowmarket. It also coordinates meetings of the Gateway 14 Stakeholder Group.

The Town Council’s main offices are located at Milton House, Milton Road South, near the centre of Stowmarket.

T: 01449 612060   E: info@stowmarket.org   W: www.stowmarkettowncouncil.gov.uk

Spi-des-ign Web & Graphic Solutions Ltd 


Spi-des-ign Web & Graphic Solutions Ltd


We are a family-run business based in Tostock, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. With many years of experience in web design, graphic design and marketing, we take pride in providing the best service possible to all of our customers.

Our team of web and graphic designers offer a personal yet professional service to cater for all your needs. Our aim is to bring your business ideas to life. By using your initial rough sketches or brainstorming; together, one to one, you can make them a reality.

T: 01359 518060    E: enquiries@spi-des-ign.co.uk    W:  www.spi-des-ign.co.uk


Bronze Sponsor

MPM Computer Consultancy

MPM Computer Consultancy

MPM offers a local friendly IT service that caters for new start-up businesses and Small Businesses with no IT presence on site. MPM offers tuition, troubleshooting, repairs and advice services at your premises

Basically, we bring peace of mind to hundreds of small businesses in Suffolk and save a huge amount of time and worry!

If you are one of those companies who just doesn’t have the resource or expertise in house to manage your own IT systems, then take heart. Everything we do for you is in Byte sized chunks, providing you with an affordable and flexible service.

You expect excellence and we’re pleased to provide it!

This is how we work:

  • You call us direct (no call centres!)
  • We deliver our services on your premises.
  • You only pay for what you need.
  • And when you need it – hourly basis.
  • No retainers, no contracts.

If you are a resident in Stowmarket and have IT issues with your PC, Laptop, printer or tablet don’t despair as MPMIT are happy to assist private customers. We can get software or hardware problems fixed quickly, all on a residential hourly rate – with our pay-as-you-go option.

T: 01449 770704 or 07733 262116    E:  info@mpmit.co.uk    W: www.mpmit.co.uk


Charities We’re Supporting

Suffolk Accident Rescue Service (SARS)

Suffolk Accident Rescue Service (SARS)


Suffolk Accident Rescue Service (SARS) is an emergency medical charity set up in 1972. SARS offers a voluntary local response that can help treat time-critical patients before they reach the hospital. SARS responders include anaesthetists, critical care paramedics and advanced clinical practitioners.

These experienced clinicians have additional skills, which enable them to undertake medical interventions at the scene of an incident, which would not otherwise be possible outside the hospital environment. All SARS clinicians are mobilised via the 999 critical care desk and offer their services without charge. The presence of a SARS responder at an incident scene can help save lives, reducing the chance of patients suffering permanent disability and providing relief from pain.

SARS receives no central government funding and relies on voluntary donations to support its activity, which has helped save countless lives over the years.

T: 0135 9244186    E: admin@sars999.org.uk  

W: www.sars999.org.uk


Stowmarket Foodbank

Stowmarket Foodbank

Provides emergency food parcels to individuals and families who are in crisis 

The Stowmarket and Area Foodbank was launched in 2012 to provide emergency food parcels to individuals and families from Stowmarket and surrounding areas who are in crisis.

We work with local organisations to identify individuals and families who can benefit from our services (this also helps us reduce fraud). We have 55 professional referral agencies that send people to us.

We have collection points in, Asda, Tesco, Lidl, Stowupland Garage and the local Co-op stores in Stowmarket and Needham Market, Elmswell, Woolpit and Haughley.

The demand for help from the foodbank increased during the pandemic. Before the outbreak we were supporting an average of 60 families per month; with the unprecedented demand we are now handing out an average of 40 parcels a week.

T: 01449 774000    E: office@livingit.org.uk   

W: www.livingit.org.uk/foodbank/